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Consulting and Conceptualizing

This is the first step, working together to “see” the book clearly and define its ultimate objectives. This is key, and  right here in Step One we bring our clients together with our writers, designers, photographers and printers, to make sure we are all on the same page -- and working at the best possible price to meet our client’s needs.   

From there, we develop a budget and target deadlines for every phase of the project. Then we go to work. 
Interviewing and Writing

We’re happy to start with documents, for use as background, but our books rely on flesh and blood, meaning in-depth interviews with our subjects and principal players. Through our interviews, we ​drill down to the core of the material, and we bring it to life with the words and spirit of the people doing the work. Then, of course, comes one of the greatest challenges: The Writing.

Original Photography

Our photographers work hand-in-glove with our designers and writers, and our common aim is this: Avoid cliches. Find fresh, original images to help tell the story and bring the themes and characters vividly to life. To back up the original photography, we also do extensive research looking for compelling historical photos that add critical historical and cultural context. It's a complicated process but the resulting synergy is wonderful, and as we are fond of saying, at Val de Grace Books all the arts flow together.  
Design and Layout

This is a key step and a very exciting one too. Unlike a typical text-driven books, Val de Grace books use elegant design and layout to add fresh and distinctive dimensions to the story. In this step, we work closely with our clients to develop a look and feel that fits with their aesthetics and also accentuates the power of the book. Done right, this is high art and makes for a beautiful ensemble.  
Printing, Shipping and Distribution

Top-quality printing is essential. Without it, the final book will never have that lush, hand-crafted feel that makes for a keepsake book that you will cherish for many years to come. Thanks to our longtime partners at Toppan Printing in Japan and China, we are able to deliver that quality at a surprisingly reasonable price. And then comes the final steps in the process: wrapping, shipping and distribution to your precise specification. And here we partner with the best in the business: Publishers Group West. Easy, eh? 
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