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Welcome to The Revolution.

At Val de Grace, we aim to create books that will feel exciting to hold in your hands and that you will cherish for many years to come. At the same time, though, we applaud the arrival of the iPad, Kindle and eBooks; anything that stimulates people to read and think we greet with a huge Bravo!

So if you have a Kindle, an iPad, or a Nook, we invite you to browse  our growing library of eBooks. All are available at Amazon.com and on iTunes. Enjoy! 

Dr. James Fox is a world-renowned specialist on the knee and sports medicine. In this authoritative manual, he explains:

-- How to protect your knees in daily life or playing sports. 

-- How to treat minor aches and pains in your knees. 

-- How to exercise safely and stretch to strengthen your knees.

-- How to manage knee surgery and rehab therapy.

-- How to prevent and treat arthritis, and more.

This is an essential reference book for active people and anyone with knee trouble. You can buy it at Amazon,com. 
Photographer Kurt-Inge Eklund has a special passion: He roams the great wine-making regions of the world, looking, tasting, and doing beautiful books featuring his favorite wines. What makes his work so special is his focus on people, on the skilled men and women who work in the vineyards, the wine cellars, and the bottling lines. These are the unsung heroes of the wine business, and Kurt-Inge gives them the attention they deserve.

His books are available on iTunes at this link:


Elsebeth Schoenberger has brought us a jewel: a coming-of-age novel based on her own harrowing experiences in the Resistance in Denmark during the WWII Nazi Occupation. It’s a wonderful and very important book.

Sparring with Rembrandt

         By Monroe Katz

Here Monroe Katz brings us the story of Norman, a gifted young boy growing up in Brooklyn during World War II. With a little help from Rembrandt, he achieves his life’s dream: To be a painter.
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