Author Support

n fiction, as in non-fiction, writing a top-quality book is no easy feat. To the contrary, it is a very difficult task, even for very experienced writers, and even the best writers need editing help and guidance.

Likewise, in this age of social media and the dominance of, it is not easy for a writer to successfully take his or her book out into the marketplace. And with so many books flooding the market these days, the task is even more difficult. But there is some good news:

We are here to help.

Val de Grace Books is dedicated to the old-fashioned proposition that a publishing house should be much more than a commercial enterprise. It should be a cherished source of guidance and support for its authors, first with regard to the process of writing and editing top-quality books, and then with bringing their books to the attention of an eager reading public.

In support of that mission, Val de Grace has brought together a team of experienced mentors and editors, many of them from the top levels of American journalism, to help our writers bring forth and promote their books. Our experienced team of book designers and distributors play crucial roles in these regards as well. 

Paul Chutkow, the founder of Val de Grace Books, serves as anchor to this process of mentoring and guidance. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars, Paul has taught writing and reporting for some 35 years at leading universities in Paris and Northern California, and he now brings those same skills and sense of mission to Val de Grace Books. 

"I can think of no better teacher or coach on any writing or book publishing project than Paul Chutkow. Paul pushed me, stretched me, encouraged me, and inspired me in a process that was incredibly challenging and rewarding."

            -- Richard Mendelson, author of "Appellation Napa Valley" 


"Paul Chutkow is the most dedicated and skilled teacher I've ever had the good fortune to learn from. Without his tireless support, "Our Political Nature" -- and my dream of publishing this book -- would never have found its way to success. He is a natural teacher of the principles that create truly excellent writing."

            -- Avi Tuschman, author of "Our Political Nature."


"Right away Paul recognized a talent for writing in me, and he took me under his wing and guided me through the process of writing fiction. Paul edited every single word I wrote, he made suggestions and corrections, and all the while I felt the presence of a man with a big heart who gave freely of his time and experience."

            -- Elsebeth Schoenberger, author of "Birgitte's War."