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Richard Mendelson’s award-winning “Appellation Napa Valley, Building and Protecting An American Treasure,” is a flat-out triumph. Last year the book was awarded a grand prize from the prestigious International Organization of Vine and Wine, based in Paris. The organization, comprised of 46 wine-growing nations, saluted the book’s contribution to worldwide understanding of wine and wine culture. The book has since won two other major international awards.

With these kind of accolades, the book sold out within its first few months in the marketplace. Thanks to a re-order, the book is once again available at quality bookstores and at

We at Val de Grace Books salute Richard for a job beautifully done. To read about his earlier Val de Grace book, “Spirit in Metal,” please go to the page “Our Books.”

                          Faces of Courage

We also want to congratulate Mark Tuschman on the continuing success of his extraordinary photo expose, “Faces of Courage, Intimate Portraits of Women on The Edge.” American Photo magazine named Mark’s book one of the top photo books of 2015, and the book was honored this spring with a major show of Mark’s art in Florence, Italy. 

As Jimmy Carter and reviewers around the world have noted, Mark’s work is far more than a book; it’s a call to action, and a plea on behalf of all those millions of women and girls around the world whose voices remain tragically unheard. 

As Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of the Global Fund for Women, so aptly put it, “Mark’s photography pleads with the world to understand how providing proper maternal health and childcare services reduces hunger and malnutrition and empowers women and their families. His photographs in Faces of Courage speak to me of hope.”

Voices from the Heart

We are proud to announce the publication, on this star-spangled July 4th, of “Voices 
 from The Heart,” a warm and illuminating look inside the age-old malady of epilepsy. 

In this landmark work, Louis Stanislaw has drawn together the personal stories of three dozen contributors who deal on an almost daily basis with the difficulties of epilepsy and the often violent seizures that come with it. At one level, this is a book about sorrow and heartache, but at a whole other level this is a truly rare achievement: a book about courage, resilience, and the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.  

As the bestselling author Douglas Preston describes it, “Voices from the Heart takes epilepsy out of the shadows and shines the light of understanding and humanity on it 
from many different perspectives -- both person and medical. Anyone whose life has been touched by epilepsy -- through family, friend, or self -- will find in this vital book an immense trove of wisdom, revelation, awareness, acceptance, and compassion. I highly, highly recommend it.” 

Thanks, Doug. You nailed it. And all of us at Val de Grace Books are extremely proud to bring forth this extraordinary book. And it comes straight from Louis Stanislaw’s heart: he has personally struggled with epilepsy his entire life. In his early years, out of confusion and embarrassment, Louis refused to share his condition with anyone outside his family. In college, though, he shared his secret with a number of close friends. They were all understanding, accepting, and supportive. What a relief!

Since then, Louis has made it his personal mission to lift the veil of ignorance and shame that has accompanied epilepsy for centuries. His documentary film, “On The Edge, Living with Epilepsy” is now being broadcast via the PBS network of stations. In his new book, though, Louis goes much deeper, and through its marvelous stories and through his enchanting drawings, Louis has brought forth a unique testament and an eloquent salute to the very best we have inside. 

The book, with Louis's enchanting illustrations, will soon be available in bookstores and on But you can order it now through Louis's website:


You are not alone!

As you can see, these are exciting times for us at Val de Grace Books.

We believe that books of exceptional significance and beauty are more than text and images; they are essential repositories of our common wealth of wisdom and culture. That is why we pour our heart and soul into every book we do. 

That’s our mission, our passion, our calling. Please stay awhile and look at the  
other books we have helped bring to life. And we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Reach us via our “Contact Us” page. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


                   The Paintings of Barbara Winiarski

They’re warm and luminescent and full of feeling. And they are the result of an entire life cultivating the art of painting.

Yes, the paintings of Barbara Winiarski are all of that, and in
“Passages” she finally draws her best work together in one sumptuous volume. Most of her subjects are members of her family, from her grandmother to her own children, and you can feel Barbara's tender, understanding heart in every painting.

We at Val de Grace Books are very proud to bring Barbara’s
book out into the world. It is available in limited edition only and at the Jessel Gallery in the Napa Valley.  Stay tuned!