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Our Spirit, Our Cause

We are a small publishing company that does big, important books. Books that matter. Books that inspire. And some books, too, that shine a penetrating light into crucial issues of our time. As you will see in these pages, our Val de Grace books combine powerful storytelling with exquisite, state-of-the-art design, photography, and printing. Call us old-fashioned, but in this age of facile digital communication and the flood of self-published books, we hold to the conviction that books of beauty and consequence are essential repositories of our collective knowledge and cultural wealth. That is the spirit and thinking behind every book we do. Welcome to the cause!


Where Were You On 9/11?

On that fateful morning, Gordon Mott was in Lower Manhattan, close to that horrific scene. Close enough, in fact, to have those two hijacked planes and the resulting destruction seared permanently into his psyche. But out of that national and personal trauma, Gordon now brings us Caleb Drake, a good man caught up in another brutal terrorist attack, this time on 10/10. The resulting novel is a brilliant psychological study of what happens to a group of men and women thrown together on another fall morning in greater Manhattan. Available now at and your local bookstore. As Ana Navarro, an influential anchor at CNN, raved:

“This must-read is a clear-eyed look at how terror traumatizes everyone and why it is important that we never overlook what it has done to each of us.” 

Wild Herd Cover.jpeg

A Vanishing American Treasure

There was a time, not so long ago, when magnificent herds of wild horses roamed happy and free across the American landscape. No longer. These wild horses are now an endangered species, a vanishing American treasure. Photographer Deborah Kalas is determined to save them. For five years, and through every season, Deb photographed the wild herds of the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, up in North Dakota, capturing their power and beauty and also their human-like interactions. The result is both a stunning photo portfolio and an eloquent call to action: for us as a people to find the resolve to save these horses as what they represent: a true American treasure, now in danger. Available Oct. 1st, 2019. As noted wild horse expert Douglas Ellison declares:

“The horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park are a national treasure. And no one captures their freedom and beauty better than Deborah Kalas!”

Faces of Courage.jpg

Faces of Courage

This young woman, like the woman at the very top of this page, comes to us from Mark Tuschman’s landmark photo exposé, “Faces of Courage, Intimate Portraits of Women on The Edge.” For nearly a decade, Mark traveled through Asia, Africa and Latin America documenting the terrible dangers and abuses that millions of girls and women face every single day. And talk about impact! Former President Jimmy Carter hailed the book and the all-important cause it highlights. Then the influential women’s rights group Women Deliver made Mark’s book a centerpiece of its 5,000-woman conference in Copenhagen. The book was named as one of the top photo books of 2015, and its importance only grows. As Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of The Global Fund for Women, put it:

“Mark Tuschman’s photography pleads with the world to understand how providing proper maternal health and childcare services reduces hunger and malnutrition and empowers women and their families. His photographs in ‘Faces of Courage’ speak to me of hope.”


The Joys and Tortures of Learning to Paint

Monroe Katz is a gifted writer and painter too. One day, one of our editors urged Monroe to write a very personal “how-to” book about the techniques and the special artistic mindset needed to create fine art. Done and done! And “Dare To Create” is a true jewel of a book, essential reading for master artists or beginners. The influential Kirkus Reviews raved: “The author offers many thought-provoking anecdotes while tackling such subjects as how to convey particular feelings on a canvas and how sculpting can improve one’s painting skills... This inspirational work is also pleasing to look at, showcasing color photos of Katz’s artwork as well as images of paintings by his hero, Rembrandt.” To put a cherry on top, the esteemed Eric Hoffer Awards recently named “Dare To Create” one of the top art books of 2018.


The Incredible Zelda

What a story. One day, in New Delhi, India, a mangy, malnourished street dog found her way to the back door of American journalist Paul Chutkow and his very pregnant wife Eda. Fearing the dog carried horrible diseases, Paul sent the dog away. But with her humor and endearing manner, the little dog kept coming around -- until she charmed her way straight into the hearts of Paul and his family. With her zany spirit, they just had to name her Zelda, after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s capricious wife. And before long, Zelda was in Paris with Paul’s family and meeting Ernest Hemingway’s son Jack. “Well, Zelda was a bitch!” was Jack’s reaction. And that is just a tiny taste of Zelda’s many adventures in India, Paris, the island of Sardinia, and then California Wine Country. With editions in France and China and with illustrations from the brilliant pen of J.C. Suares. Zelda was recently honored with a silver medal from the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Awards. And what one of their judges wrote had us blushing with pride:

“This book is truly exceptional. It is full of zing and charm. It is lovingly designed and flawlessly written. I can’t wait to see what Val de Grace Books produces next.”

Our Promise

The books above are a small taste of what we do. Please keep moving through our site, to see our other books, to meet the men and women who bring them into being, and to see some of the wonderful accolades we have earned along the way. As will be clear, for us this is far more than a business. It’s our passion, it’s our calling, and it’s our promise to you, our cherished readers. And if you want to respond to our work, or if you have a project of your own you want to discuss, please feel free to click on the contact link below. We’d love to hear from you!