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“Find your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

- Robert Mondavi


Awards and Testimonials

Dear Reader, as you can see, we love what we do. And we pour our hearts and soul into every book we do. With us, second best will never do. And our goal is always the same: to reach out and touch other people, to inform you, to inspire you, to put a smile on your face, and to bring joy and satisfaction to the deepest parts of your being. As we said before, this is our mission, our cause, and we’re thrilled to have you aboard!

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Beyond being a great read, “Harvests of Joy” brought us more than a million dollars in free publicity. Everybody wrote about it!

- Harvey Posert, former PR director at Robert Mondavi Winery

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“’Visa, The Power of An Idea’ is the finest book ever written about the credit card industry and for us it has been a fabulous corporate tool.”

- Dave Brancoli, former Director of Corporate Communications, Visa International


“Faces of Courage” was named by American Photo magazine as one of the top photo books of 2015.

“Mark Tuschman’s photography pleads with the world to understand how providing proper maternal health and childcare services reduces hunger and malnutrition and empowers women and their families. His photographs in ‘Faces of Courage’ speak to me of hope.”

-- Musimbi Kanyoro, President and CEO of The Global Fund for Women

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The International Organization of Vine and Wine awarded Richard Mendelson's book its Grand Prize for Economy and Law.

Gourmand International gave the book its “Best in the U.S. Award (Food and Wine Law)”

“I can think of no better teacher or coach on any writing or book publishing project than Paul Chutkow. I started with an idea and, with Paul's active input at every step, published ‘Spirit in Metal’. Paul pushed me, stretched me, encouraged me, and inspired me in a process that was incredibly challenging and rewarding. Then we did it again with ‘Appellation Napa Valley.’”

- Richard Mendelson

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Tom Hummel's wonderful tribute to America's greatest authors was named winner of the esteemed Eric Hoffer Award as one of the finest books of 2011.

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“Paul Chutkow is the most dedicated and skilled teacher I’ve ever had the good fortune to learn from. Without his tireless support, ‘Our Political Nature’ - and my dream of publishing this book - would never have found its way to success.

“Paul knows what works, and what doesn’t, both in writing and in the strange world of publishing. Perhaps more than anything, Paul is a master storyteller, with a remarkable ability to hook readers from the first sentence and keep their attention as he guides them through a journey. He is a natural teacher of the principles that create truly excellent writing.”

- Avi Tuschman, author, scholar, and entrepreneur

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Elsebeth's book was runner-up in Denmark’s prestigious Karin Michaelis Literary Competition.

“Some years back, I walked into a Napa Valley College classroom to take a class in creative writing given by Paul Chutkow. Right away, Paul recognized a talent for writing in me, and he took me under his wing and guided me through the process of writing fiction. And all the while I felt the presence of a man with a big heart who gave freely of his time and experience.

“Paul was my severest critic - he does not suffer fools gladly - but he was also my biggest fan, always in my corner, always ready to inspire and encourage me. Now when I see ‘Birgitte’s War’ on bookshelves, and when I talk about the book in schools and civic groups, I always say a silent ‘thank you’ to Paul.”

- Elsebeth Schoenberger


"You are not one, 
You are a Thousand.
Just Light Your Lantern."

- The poet Rumi